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Couples Massage

You’ll love how your body responds to our custom couples massage that is applied at varying speeds and amplitudes with Just the Right Touch and pressure. You’ll love how much your range and movement has improved, your pain from knots diminished, and your stress levels have totally decreased.  Our professional traveling therapist has fast set up and it usually only takes about 5 to 10 minutes.


Couples Massage

In most cases, you can get an in-home massage in the comfort of your home for the price of one massage. You’ll love the longer sessions that we are able to give because we don’t have to rush like the other guy’s. You’re able to receive individual attention to all of your wants. Servicing the Metro Atlanta area including 45 minutes outside the I-285 corridor. We deliver a Luxury Couples Massage Experience to your doorstep.

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Couples Massage

Get a 75-minute Integrated Massage Full body Couples Massage for 2 people $159. That’s Right! Read it again. Where else can you get the Low price for Massage on Demand by seasoned Professional therapists? This is a great introductory massage if it’s been a long time since you have a massage or new to professional massage. This massage focuses on releasing adhesions, knots, and mild muscle restrictions. You will also get stretched to increase range of motion in legs and hips.



We offer a variety of Custom Couples massage to fit your wants and needs. We love putting our heart and soul into every modality stroke to give your body just the right touch to help heal and nourish your soft tissue. You’ll love the longer massage services that we offer. 

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Couples Massage

75 Minute introductory Massage. Great for Medium Pressure to work out your kinks. 

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Hot Stone Massage

90 Minutes Massage. Great for Deeper Relaxation and Melting away daily stress.

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Romantic Massage

 90 Minute Massage Great for Birthdays, Holidays and Anniversaries and Date Night.

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Spa Sampler

90-minute Full Body Massage and Spa Sampler for the back that includes Sugar Scrub, Aromatherapy, Mud Mask and Hot Towels.

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Table  Swe-Thai

90 Minute Massage. Great for Chronic Sitters and Text Neck Pain and People who is in front of a computer for long hours.


Your Massage

We take a clinical approach to help facilitate symptom relief with the mix of the best of both worlds, so you’ll enjoy the ultimate pampering experience as your body is thoroughly massaged from head to toe. Your custom 90-minute massages come complete with integrated massage techniques, deep tissue for your problem areas, Stretching & Assisted Stretching, Positional Manual Release, and Myo-fascial Release. What this means for you is deep relaxation, freedom from pain, and increase vitality and health. Now imagine clicking your heels three times and your doorbell ring, We’re at your Door…….when you book your appointment of course!



Massage Facials and Bodywork that Matters. Schedule your Couple Massage Today.

Couples Packages

Couples Massage 75 minute $159
Couples Hot Stone 90 minute $220
Romantic Couples massage 90 minute $220.00
Spa Sampler Couples massage 90 minute 230.00
Couples Table Thai  massage 90 minute 250.00
Couples Aromatherpy massage 90 minute 200.00

Couples Packages

Couples Spa Package 3 hours $319
Couples Feet Rejuvnation 75 minute $150
Couples Spirit Package 90 minute $240
Couples Earth Package 90 minute $230
Couples Fire Package 90 minute $250
Couples Aromatherpy Package 75 minute $200

Couples Packages

Bottles of Spirits . . . . . . . $30
Rose/ Flowers Bouquet . . . . . . . $25
Chocolate Truffles . . . . . . . $15
Chocolate Covered Strawberries . . . . . . . $25
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Massage Facials and Bodywork that Matters. Schedule your Couple Massage Today! Same Day Services.





















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