Reignite Relationships with Couples Massage in Mid-Town Atlanta at Majestic Touch Spa

In our fast-paced world, finding time to reconnect with your partner is essential. Majestic Touch Spa’s Couples Massage offers a serene escape, perfect for strengthening bonds and alleviating stress. Choose between 70 or 100-minute sessions in our tranquil treatment rooms. Tailored for both special occasions and everyday relaxation, this experience in Mid-Town Atlanta promises shared moments of wellness and deeper connection.

You’re not just booking a massage, you’re investing in relief, relaxation, and a renewed sense of self. Click the ‘Book Now’ button to explore our pricing and array of specialized services tailored just for you. Your wellness journey is just a click away.

You now have the option to Get in Spa services where you come to us or In-home Services where we come to you.

  • You’ll love the longer sessions that we are able to give because we don’t have to rush like the other guy’s.
  • You’re able to receive individual attention to all of your wants.
  • Servicing the Metro Atlanta area including 45 minutes outside the I-285 corridor.
  • Same Day Appointments Available
  • Side By Side Massages
  • Relieve muscle tension and pain
  • Relieve tension headaches
  • Improve immune system
Couple enjoying a massage at Majestic Medical Touch Spa, Atlanta.


Couples Massage Packages in Atlanta, GA

Experience the Luxury of Connection with our Royal Serenity Couples Massage, 70 minutes of pure bliss for just $250! Yes, you read that right. Where else can you find such an unbeatable price for Massage on Demand, delivered by seasoned professional therapists? Majestic Touch Spa presents this exclusive offer, perfect for those new to a professional massage or seeking a rejuvenating experience after a long hiatus.

Our Royal Serenity Couples Massage focuses on releasing adhesions, knots, and mild muscle restrictions, all while providing gentle stretching to enhance the range of motion in your legs and hips. It’s more than a massage; it’s a journey toward relaxation, well-being, and renewed vitality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in a high-quality massage experience at an incredible value. Book now and embrace the magic of connection and relaxation at Majestic Medical Touch Spa.



Medical massage

Couples Massage

70 Minute introductory Massage. Great for Medium Pressure to work out your kinks. 

Hot stones massage

Hot Stone Couples Massage

100 Minutes Massage. Great for Deeper Relaxation and Melting away daily stress.

couples massage

Romantic Couples Massage in Atlanta

 100 Minute Massage Great for Birthdays, Holidays and Anniversaries and Date Night.

Deep tissue Massage

Spa Sampler

100-minute Full Body Massage and Spa Sampler for the back that includes Sugar Scrub, Aromatherapy, Mud Mask and Hot Towels.

Medical massage

Integrated Massage

100 Minute Massage. Great for Chronic Sitters and Text Neck Pain and People who is in front of a computer for long hours.

Enhanced Relaxation! With extended massage sessions

Synchronized Healing: Experiencing Wellness as a Couple

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Your Massage

Discover the Pinnacle of Indulgence with Our 100-Minute Signature Service

Unveil a new dimension of well-being and luxury with our 100-minute signature massage experience at Majestic Medical Touch Spa. This isn’t just a treatment; it’s a journey towards peak relaxation and rejuvenation, meticulously crafted to exceed every expectation.

Every minute is a carefully orchestrated symphony of therapeutic techniques, including deep tissue manipulation, advanced stretching, assisted stretching, positional manual release, and myofascial release. The extra time allows us to go beyond standard protocols, tuning into your unique needs for an exceptionally personalized service.

Two Luxurious Options: The Spa Experience or Home Sanctuary

Choose between the serene setting of our state-of-the-art Atlanta spa or the intimate comfort of your own home. Regardless of the location, our top-tier therapists are committed to delivering an unmatched level of care, making every moment an epitome of luxury and effectiveness.

Transformative Well-Being: More Than a Promise, It’s Our Guarantee

Whether you opt for our spa’s tranquil ambiance or prefer our premium mobile service, our 100-minute session offers an unparalleled fusion of deep relaxation and revitalization. A session of this length not only replenishes your body but also deeply nourishes the soul, ensuring you emerge as a renewed individual.

Elevate your well-being to heights you never thought possible. Book your 100-minute signature massage today and get ready to experience euphoria in its purest form.

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Highly Rated Couples Massage Packages in Atlanta, Georgia

Majestic Medical Touch Spa is located on 1720 Peachtree St NW 5th fl Suite 510, Atlanta, Georgia. From Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, International Airport get on I-85 N and head east on Terminal Pkwy toward Airport Blvd. Then turn right onto Riverdale Rd and turn right onto the Interstate 85 N ramp to Atlanta. After that, continue on I-85 N to Atlanta and take exit 251A from I-85 17th St/Midtown Next, turn right onto 17th St NW for 2 lights then turn left onto W Peachtree St NE and keep right to merge on US-19 N/ SR9 N/ Peachtree St/ Buckhead. At this point, Ride for .6 Miles left lanes to take left into 1720 Peachtree St NW. Look for P25 Building, and Majestic Medical Touch Spa will be on the 5th floor in Suite 510.

We’re open Monday-Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM, Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM

For additional questions, you can call us at (404) 539-6713 or you can find us on Yelp