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“Welcome to Majestic Medical Touch Spa, where we understand the key to vibrant, glowing skin is consistent exfoliation. We have been supporting clients of all ages throughout Atlanta in attaining their optimal skin appearance, utilizing our extensive selection of professional-grade products, cutting-edge devices, and superior techniques.

We recognize that each individual’s skin is as unique as they are, meaning skincare isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Regardless of your skin type, rest assured we have a facial treatment meticulously crafted to suit your specific needs. Let us help you reveal your best skin. Our professional and personalized approach ensures your skincare journey with us is transformative and fulfilling. We look forward to being your trusted partner in skincare.”

Our Majestic Medical Touch Spa Benefits

“Embrace the power of simplicity when it comes to holistic skincare. The secret to healthy, radiant skin often lies in maintaining a straightforward and effective routine. Begin by selecting the right cleanser, tailored to your skin type, to maintain its natural balance and vitality. Follow this up with a night cream abundant in essential vitamins or peptides to aid in cell regeneration while you sleep. With these simple steps, nourish your skin and unlock its natural luminosity.”

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“At our spa, we believe in providing a unique, personalized experience for each client. That’s why we meticulously tailor each facial treatment to match your specific skin type and current skin condition. We take the time to understand your skin – whether it’s oily, dry, sensitive, or combination – and use products best suited for your unique needs.

Moreover, we don’t just stop at skin type. We also consider the current condition of your skin, whether it’s acne-prone, sun-damaged, or showing signs of aging.

But we understand that everyone has individual skin concerns and goals. Perhaps you’re looking for a radiant glow before a special event, or you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever your skincare concerns may be, we’re here to address them.

Our skilled estheticians will work closely with you, listening to your concerns, understanding your skincare goals, and devising a customized facial treatment plan. This personalized approach ensures that each facial treatment not only meets but exceeds your expectations, leaving your skin looking and feeling its absolute best.”

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  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation


I can smile with complete confidence! I can’t now imagine ever being concerned about appearing in photos. It’s just been a new lease of life. Thank you.

Laura Hughes

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Our Premier skincare services feature an a la carte menu for you to explore

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