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Massage and Bodywork

Majestic Medical Touch Spa offers result- based treatments. Our 5-point approach is proven to effectively prevent and significantly reduce functional limitation, degeneration, and pain.  We believe Manual Therapy combined with proper exercise, nutrition, and self-care can help reduce tension induced triggers, structural misalignments. It is our goal to provide individualized and comprehensive medical massage for all Conditions as well as relaxation treatments to help you unwind and get in-tune with Self. Enjoy our In-Home massage services throughout the Metro-Atlanta area featuring our ever-popular Mobile Luxury Couples Massage.

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  • Improves posture/muscle tone
  • Loosens trigger points (adhesions)
  • Release tension of inflamed soft tissues
  • Reduce numbness and frictional force on nerves
  • Strengthen muscles / Improve range of motion
Our approach
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All of Our Therapeutic Massages provides a number of health and wellness related benefits. These benefits are delivered in a natural and safe non-invasive method and thus, do not carry the harmful side effects. We provide evidence-based, result-oriented alternative approaches that promise to facilitate true healing within your body. Our certified therapists specialize in medical, sports, and geriatric massages.

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Skin Care

We understand your need to have balanced skin and a simple regimen that keeps your cells producing glowing supple skin year round. Our facial Products are designed to treat your skin using all natural, ecologically friendly,non-pathogenic, and free of all chemical additives and ethically formulated to tackle your top skin concerns to ensure a healthy, radiant complexion.


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Spa Packages

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Nothing annoys me more than someone who tells you pain is the natural part of the aging process. Living with pain is tough – it changes your life, it feels like being punched in the gut on the bad days.

But the question now is: How do you get out of it?

The bad news is, there’s no quick fix. Most often pain is the result of faulty movement patterns, bad posture, and inactivity. In order to eliminate it, you need to fix the cause and it’s a process, not an event.


Trusted Partners

The nationally-certified massage therapists at Majestic Touch Spa have trained under Back Surgeons, Chiropractors and nutritionists, but they also go the extra mile for client health by maintaining Myo Skeletal certifications. Inside the wellness center, they upgrade traditional massage modalities with hot and cold stones, stretching, cupping, aromatherapy, and raindrop therapy, which soothes bodies better than laying outside during a thunderstorm. They also pamper feet with Reflexology infused with rose-petal foot mask and warm brown-sugar foot scrubs.

For those who wish to look as good as they feel after a treatment, Majestic Touch Spa hosts a boutique stocked with jewelry, custom oils and lotions, purses, and wallets.

Discover The Future of living Pain Free

We are a multi-disciplinary Massage and bodywork specialist committed to focussed and efficient pain-free living

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