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Centuries ago, man mapped out a healing energy that circulates through the body on specific pathways. This energy we call “life force” or “vital energy”. This force can be “tapped” at more than 800 points in your body. Ancient medical philosophy teaches that to obtain and maintain health, which is the balance and maintenance of harmony within the body, there must be a free and unimpeded Circulation of energy flowing through the body’s organs.

Traditional medicine, not only of the Chinese but from the use of Acupuncture in other countries as well, we learn that traditional medicine is based on the belief that the body’s blood Circulation follows the flow of energy. If this energy Circulation, which follows circulates freely in an endless cycle from the main organs through the channels beneath the skin, is blocked at some point, then the Circulation is impaired.

This blockage results in a deficient oxygenation of the tissues around the affected area and throws the body off balance. This imbalance produces malfunctioning not only of the tissues surrounding it, but, if not corrected, spreads to related organs nearby. Tapping this healing current can bring prompt and natural relief from practically all of your aches and pains, chronic or acute, by the simple process of working the ‘reflex buttons’ located in your hands, feet and/or body

Reflexology, which helps a wide range of situations, not only cures specific ailments but can be used to keep you in good health and help build resistance to attacks of disease. In addition, this method often detects health problems before they become serious by you recognizing a sore or tender reflex.

Reflexology is a simple technique that can be applied at any time and practically anywhere. It is Nature’s ‘push button’ secret for dynamic living, abundant physical energy, vibrant health, better living without pain, retaining youthful vigor and enjoying life to the fullest.


Tap into the abundant supply of Universal Life Force

“You”ll be led too and given what you need at the right time on your journey without knowing it.” Reiki is one of the most ancient healing arts known to mankind. Reiki is about working with the powerful energies that have always been prevalent and is as old as the universe itself.

Reiki is a simple Natural and safe method of spiritually guided healing that can be of use and benefit. It’s a healing system that works with both the energy and chakra systems within the body and all associated energy auras. Energy is naturally emitted from the physical body of all beings. The power of healing hands enables you the receiver to be aware of the energy flows and essentially helps you to receive potentate healing energy as well.

You can add Reiki to your next treatment just ask the therapist!

Shiatsu Services

In Japanese, “shi ” means finger and “atsu” means pressure. Shiatsu massage involves pressure application, gentle body manipulation and assisted stretching. Ki is the Japanese term for energy flow throughout the body. For thousands of years, Ki has represented the essence of life in Japanese culture (nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit). Energy flows to organs through specific pathways or meridians.

Shiatsu practice strives to eliminate energy imbalances within the organ systems, clearing the path for energy flow. Different pressure points, or tsubos, relate to different organs throughout the body. The practice focuses on these pressure points in which the palms and thumbs of the hands are used to apply even pressure on the body energy points in order to correct dysfunctions of the whole body.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is a powerful healing practice with a long history. It surprises many people that the roots of Traditional Thai Massage lie not in Thailand, but rather in Northern India, dating back thousands of years. Here in the west .the stresses of modern life also comes a sense of isolation and disconnect for many people.

There’s no question that people are stressed out these days. This is especially true of people who live in big cities, or who have a profession and are raising a family. We all know that the power of human touch is wonderfully healing, but many of us just don’t get enough of it. Make the change today to get the healing power of Table Thai Massage. 


Cupping therapy is a good natural treatment with a promising effect for many diseases. 

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) therapy

Another effective home remedy to keep your body in balance is MPS therapy.

As pain starts building up, your nervous system becomes overactive. Imagine your muscle fibers constantly pulling on your spine and sending messages to the brain on high alert because something just isn’t right. Over time, this creates an imbalance that leads to a growing host of pain and even other types of ailments.

MPS therapy, such as the Dolphin Neurostim, counteracts these effects by keeping your nervous system in balance and relaxing muscles for powerful, instant neck pain relief.

It does this through the delivery of a small microcurrent that stimulates acupuncture points and brings your body’s nervous system back into balance to stimulate your own natural healing mechanisms.

MPS treatment can be done at home using the FDA-approved Dolphin Neurostim device.

Letting Go of Life’s Painful Emotions

Because emotional pain is often the root cause of many physical diseases, Reiki can likewise alleviate painful conditions and speed recovery from disease. 

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For tens of thousands of years, people have been communicating through touch. It’s our first language. Hugging, stroking, and rubbing are the most common ways, but it’s massage that represents human touch in its most powerful form.