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All of Our Therapeutic Massages provides a number of health and wellness related benefits. These benefits are delivered in a natural and safe non-invasive method and thus, do not carry the harmful side effects. Your treatments provide evidence-based, result-oriented alternative approaches that promise to facilitate true healing, improve circulation, relieves muscular tension and spasm and induce a calm mental state.


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Our menu offers a variety of exquisite services to choose; from body treatments to custom facials and chemical peels and an array of Therapeutic Massage modalities. Let our skilled licensed Massage therapists and Estheticians show you just how awesome and beautiful you can feel.

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Grief Massage

Grief is a natural response to sorrow brought on by Loss, whether of someone or something significant in our lives. Mourning is the effect of Grief, which can bring on a host of side effects as well. The body may experience fatigue, insomnia, tension, loss of appetite, pain, anxiety and or malaise.  You can grieve over the loss life, job loss, divorce, illness, relationships, etc. Grief has many dimensions from physical, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and social. There is no allocation for how long grief lasts. Grieving may last several months or several years depending on personality, culture, coping style, health, experiences, and background.



Majestic Touch Spa is committed to developing more than just a spa experience. We strive to achieve full body wellness experiences that make caring for the body, mind, and spirit a way of life.

Here’s an idea worth considering………Massage Therapy not only lowers stress levels.  It also reduces a persons tendency to feel anxious and sink into depression. Massage helps remove the feeling of pain in the body. By using touch to stimulate the release of endorphins, which are the body’s feel-good hormones. Because Massage relieves pain regardless of cause, it also lessens the body’s need for pain-killing medication.

How many times have you said to yourself……”I need to treat myself to a massage”, but you never got around to it, or your significant other said, “I’ll rub you down” but deep down you knew that wasn’t what you where looking for….Well today is the day!! Come experience the wonder of a luxurious integrated massage that will relax your muscles, ease tension and relieve stress. The massage incorporates several varieties of massage which will cohesively and ultimately help reduce the amount of physical, mental and emotional stresses we all encounter daily.

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Majestic Touch Classic Massage is for you if you like light to mild pressure and just want to relax and melt away stress.

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Deep Tissue

Intense therapy using firm to deep pressure to relieve trigger points, deep muscle tension and stress to improve blood circulation.

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Deep hand movements that address alignment of the fascia and to release scar tissue, adhesions in the muscles.

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Grief Massage

Grief Massage is ideal for the bereaved as well as caregivers. A typical grief massage begins with 30-minute energy clearing session of the Head including shoulders, neck, scalp, and feet.

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Cupping Treatment

Use of ancient form of alternative healing in which we put special suction cups on your problem areas to bring blood flow to blocked energy areas.


The Massage That Best Suits You!

At Majestic Touch Spa, Our kind and caring staff understand that massages aren’t simply a luxury—they can help you live better, healthier lives.  And to ensure that each massage is as beneficial as possible, We consult with our clients about their issues and the best avenue to health and wellness, which might involve a blend of bodywork specialties such as sports, Swedish, and neuromuscular massage.



In addition to neuromuscular therapy and Swedish and deep-tissue methods, Majestic’s therapist performs energy work, including polarity therapy and reiki healing.


Majestic Massage 90 Min $150.00
Integrated Massage 90 Min $160.00
Grief Massage 60 Min $120.00
 Aromatherapy Massage 90 Min $165.00
 Hot Stone Massage 60 Min $130.00
 Cupping/ Gua Sha Massage 90 Min $165.00


Couples Massage 90 Min $300.00
Hot Stone Couples Massage 90 Min $310.00
Romantic Couples Massage 90 Min $380.00
Aromatherapy Couples Massage 90 Min $310.00
Integrated Couples Massage 90 Min $310.00
 Thai Couples Massage 90 Min $400.00


Majestic Spa Package for One 2 1/2 hour $300.00
Majestic Spa Package For Two 2 1/2 hour $535.00
Health & Wellbeing Package Special $3000.00
Super Pain Relief Package Special 3500.00
Night Out Package – 4 people  Special $1100.00
 Spa Parties  Special Ask for Pricing


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